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Overwhelmed by online information?

Articles, Podcasts, Videos, etc...

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We save you time by

optimising your information diet.

How Mindstone works

 Come across an article/podcast/video you like

Come across an article / podcast / video you like

Send to Mindstone

Send to Mindstone

Prioritise what's important and discard the rest

Prioritise what's important & discard the rest

Make sense of it & Extract key insights

Make sense of it & Extract key insights

Easily get back to those insights whenever you need them

Easily get back to those insights whenever you need them

Manage all your information

Extract Key Insights

Dive deeper into the content that really matters, by highlighting important passages, automatically summarising long articles and removing the clutter surrounding information you engage with online.

Scientifically proven to help extract key information, so your brain connects with it.

Remember & find your insights with our highlights view

Want to quickly bring up the latest insights you’ve captured on Mindstone?

Mindstone stores every piece of content you’ve engaged with, the important parts you highlighted and the thoughts you wrote in the comments.

All of them are instantly searchable and accessible, so you can get back to them whenever you need to.

Remember & find your insights

Share, Discuss & Decide

There are times, when you want to take some time to yourself to think about the content you engage with, and other times, when you just can’t wait to run it past someone.

Mindstone makes sharing your thoughts easy, including the content you highlight, the comments you add in the margins, and the insights you extract.

Enables you to quickly share the deeper understanding you’ve already reached and collaborate to turn it into decisive action.

Share, Discuss and Decide
Prioritise & save time with automated summaries

Prioritise & save time with automated summaries

Too many things to read or watch and don’t know where to start?

Mindstone’s automated summaries provide you with an easy way to discard the things not worth spending time on, while prioritising the things that are.

Improve your focus -
Save for later

Come across a piece of content you would like to read or watch, but don’t have the time right now?

Save it for later with a single click and find it in your Mindstone queue whenever you can get to it.

Find a single paragraph or image that’s worth setting aside, but don’t want to upload the whole article?

Simply select the text or image, right-click and “save selection”

Save for later

Finally close all your tabs

Ever have too many open in your browser, afraid to close and lose track of them?

With Mindstone you can save them with one click and access them whenever you need to, giving you the peace of mind and focus you need to get more done.

Finally close all your tabs
Skim videos and podcasts with automated transcripts

Skim videos and podcasts with automated transcripts

Ever wanted to quickly search through a video or podcast and jump straight into the most interesting bits?

Mindstone automatically pulls transcripts from your videos and podcasts, enabling you to easily find what interests you most, as well as highlight important bits to hold on to for later.

What people are saying about Mindstone

Eamonn Carey, Managing Director

We tested Mindstone with the Techstars London batch this year — sharing relevant articles and content week by week during the program. It was incredibly helpful to be able to annotate things and have reminders and notifications sent to the founders, to keep them updated with articles that were useful for them at that specific moment of the program.

Lee Veitch, Co-Founder & Global Head of Sales

I love the ease of commenting and sharing. It looks great and the chat is better than Google Docs.

Jamie Beaumont, COO

Mindstone is a better way to read. The thing that clicked was when I needed to write a paper: I wanted to read widely across a number of sources, and I found it useful for collecting, highlighting, and taking notes as a repository of my thinking and research.

Piers Ridyard, CEO

First 24 hours on Mindstone - I’m already pretty hooked. I felt the loss as soon as I couldn’t use it.