Say goodbye to information overload

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Overwhelmed by online information?

Too many open tabs, bookmarks and articles you’ll never get to.

We help you

stay calm, focus on what matters and discard what doesn’t

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Focus & Save for later

Come across a piece of content you would like to read or watch, but don’t have the time right now?

Save it for later using our mobile apps or browser extension and find it in Mindstone whenever you have time to get to it.

Save for later
Enrico Poli
Director, Zanichelli Venture
"I’m painfully easily distracted. Mindstone first allows me to safely store learning resources as I stumble into them so that I can concentrate on the current task and not wander off track. Then, it helps me engage in intensely focused reading and studying sessions as soon as I have the time, leveraging learning science to maximise outcomes."
Prioritise & save time with automated summaries

Prioritise with Automated Summaries

Too many things to read or watch and don’t know where to start?

Use automated summaries to discard what's not worth reading, while prioritising the things that are.

Jamie Beaumont
COO, Soapbox Labs
"Mindstone allows me to keep track of everything I'm reading from across the internet, making it super easy to stay on top of everything all in one place as well as sharing it with friends and colleagues."

Extract Key Insights & Remember Them

Dive deeper into the content that really matters, by highlighting important passages and let Mindstone help you remember them with scientifically validated methods such as spaced repetition & recall using our mobile app.

Manage all your information
Eamonn Carey
General Partner, Tera Ventures
"Reading and listening to great content is one thing. Remembering it is where the magic really happens. Being able to store, annotate, highlight and share my articles, podcasts and videos on Mindstone makes remembering and retaining information so much easier!"

How Mindstone works

 Come across an article/podcast/video you like

Come across an article / podcast / video you like

Send to Mindstone

Send to Mindstone

Prioritise what's important and discard the rest

Prioritise what's important & discard the rest

Make sense of it & Extract key insights

Make sense of it & Extract key insights

Easily get back to those insights whenever you need them

Easily get back to those insights whenever you need them