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Jamie Beaumont, COO
SoapBox Labs

“Mindstone is a better way to read. The thing that clicked was when I needed to write a paper: I wanted to read widely across a number of sources, and I found it useful for collecting, highlighting, and taking notes as a repository of my thinking and research.”

Piers Ridyard, CEO

“First 24 hours on Mindstone - I’m already pretty hooked. I felt the loss as soon as I couldn’t use it.”

Manage all your information

Manage All Your Information

Sending that article, report, video or podcast to Mindstone takes seconds from our mobile apps or browser extension on your desktop, which means you can do it even on your busiest day.

You will always know where that great article or report is and which is the most important to read. You can store and file information in seconds knowing you will always be able to instantly retrieve it.

Extract Key Information

Using highlighters is scientifically proven to help extract information from written content so your brain connects with it. We loved doing this as kids with books and pens, and now you can with Mindstone.

It’s not only easy and fun, but with a proven scientific remit for adults and children, it ensures you remember and connect with the material you are reading.

Extract key information

Share, Discuss & Decide

There are times, after you’ve just read or watched content, where you want to take some time to yourself to think about it, and other times, you can’t wait to run it past someone.

Mindstone makes sharing content easy, and if you’ve already extracted key information using highlights, and commented in the margins, you can quickly share the deeper understanding you’ve already reached and collaborate to turn it into decisive action.

Share, Discuss & Decide

Get more Done

Mindstone is your second digital brain. Imagine a digital notebook where you can retrieve your content, along with your previous thoughts on it, in seconds.

You can draw upon key insights you’ve already extrapolated, share and discuss those on Mindstone with colleagues allowing you to shorten feedback loops, and get more actual work done.

Get more Done

Eamonn Carey, Managing Director

“We tested Mindstone with the Techstars London batch this year — sharing relevant articles and content week by week during the program. It was incredibly helpful to be able to annotate things and have reminders and notifications sent to the founders, to keep them updated with articles that were useful for them at that specific moment of the program.”

Lee Veitch, Co-Founder & Global Head of Sales

“I love the ease of commenting and sharing. It looks great and the chat is better than Google Docs.”

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By creating an account with Mindstone, you accept our Terms of Service. Please see our Privacy Policy for details on how we will handle your information.