How to use Mindstone

Use video transcripts

Have you ever wanted to skim through a video to jump to the interesting bits? 

Have you ever wished you could search through a video to find a specific word or phrase?

Before, the only solution would be aimlessly skipping through the video, hoping to stumble onto the part you’re looking for. And nobody wants to do that.

Well, if that’s a problem familiar to you - we have the solution: Mindstone’s automatic transcripts.

After you add a video to your Mindstone inbox, we’ll automatically generate a timestamped audio transcript that will play alongside it, highlighting each passage karaoke-style as the video plays. 

Transcript 1

Here's how to use it:

1) Jump to any point in the video by clicking on the timestamp next to each line of text, taking you directly to the passage you’re looking for.

Transcript 2Transcript 3

2) Highlight important passages by selecting the relevant text, and providing it a tag.

Transcript 4

3) Comment on any highlighted extract by clicking on the relevant passage and selecting the ‘💬’ icon that appears next to it.

Transcript 5

4) Collaborate with your peers by clicking the ‘Share’ button, so that they can not only see your highlights and comments, but also add their own.